No Hope

No Hope is the first episode of my four part campaign.

Release Date: TBA
Current Release: TBA


No Hope features three maps.

The Apartments

Features two apartments buildings. The survivors start atop of one of them, after having crash landed from a previews rescue attempt. The map focuses on the survivors having to go through the apartments on both buildings to reach street level.

The Sewers

Features a big sewer line. With all streets blocked, the survivors must go down the sewers to try and reach a rescue zone.

The Hospital

Features a Hospital. Upon reaching Hope Hospital, the survivors must try to find a way to leave this already abandoned rescue zone.


No Hope features:

  • Left 4 Dead Survivors
  • Dark Maps

Game Modes

Initial release will feature only Coop mode. Future updates are likely to feature Versus, Scavange and Survival modes.

Update News

2014.12.29: Restarting the project.
2012.07.29: In 2011 two of my Hard Drives went malfunctioning, and with it, I lost all source files for this campaign. I have plans to remake this campaign in the near future.